Our unique, proven, 7-step method is for everyone from scrappy, imaginative, entrepreneurs and inventors who bootstrap their way to success; to large enterprise brands who crave control of their digital sales channels in a positive, profitable way.


7 Steps to Amazon Success:

1- Seller Account & Brand Registry Set Up and Clean Up.  We’ll review and properly set up your account to protect your brand and grow your sales.

2- Competitor and Keyword Research.  We do exhaustive and continual research of your products, your competitors’ products, and your product categories to help you take advantage of opportunity.

3- Listing Optimization and Content Creation. Our team creates “Retail Ready” listings optimized for search and for sales.  Anyone can create an Amazon listing, but it takes an expert to create a listing that will sell.

4- Manage and Fulfill Inventory.  We manage, fulfill, and turn your inventory fast for positive cash flow and profitability.

5- Drive Traffic.  We use both On-Amazon and Off-Amazon Traffic Strategies to drive Profitable Sales Growth and Sales Rank.

6- Account Management.   From Customer Service to Review Management, we’ve got you covered.

7- Launch, Learn, Act, Repeat.  Amazon and digital constantly changes and new competitors launch daily.  Measuring the right metrics and managing them helps you stay ahead of the game.  

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